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The Independent Agent Package: New Lower Price

This is the time to let your current and prospective customers know they can rely

Many states are slowly opening for business after the COVID-19 crisis. Those harder hit are coming back at a slower pace as America plans for the future with cautious optimism. Throughout the past months, business owners have discovered that navigating through the insurance maze is more and more difficult for. This is the time to let your current and prospective know they can rely on the independent insurance agent channel to explain complicated clauses and make sure their business is properly covered.

We can help your agency get that message out to thousands of business owners and believe that this ready-made audio/video/digital series—which can run on multiple platforms including social media—will supplement your current marketing efforts quite easily, effectively, and affordably.



If you are interested in reaching more personal lines customers, let’s talk.



Marketing Package: Reduced Price

  • In this package, we’ve created numerous videos running :30, :15, and :06 in length, along with a radio commercial and numerous social media and banner ads. In other words, virtually all mediums are covered.

  • All materials (digital, audio and video) will be branded with your agency’s name, logo, address and phone number.

  • Unlike many ‘cookie cutter’ campaigns, these edits will be seamless and convey professionalism and confidence.

  • And if you are interested in customizing the message even further, adding a specialty service, photo, or additional information…no problem! Our editors and artists will work with you to make sure your message is just right.

This campaign is tailor made for:

  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Network TV
  • Streaming Video
  • Streaming Audio
  • Terrestrial Radio
  • Satellite Radio
  • Youtube/Web Sites
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

See The Full Campaign Below

All 20 Personalized Marketing Elements are Included in this Package

Includes two :30 Commercials, four :15 Videos (TV or Social), four :06 Videos (Social or Youtube), one :60 Radio Commercial, and nine Banners/Facebook Ads.


  1. Simply call us at 833-32-MEDIA (833-326-3342), email, or use the contact form below to discuss your level of interest.
  2. Our team is dedicated to a response no later than ONE business day, but we are typically able to respond within 2 hours or less during normal business hours.
  3. We obtain your information and begin the customization process!  Our goal is a 72-hour turnaround for file inspection and final proofing.  (Production time may vary depending upon timely receipt of branding elements from your agency.) And don’t worry, we’ll take you through the process.
  4. A link to your marketing package files will be sent to you for final proofing.
  5. Once approved, the files are available for your exclusive use.
  6. Now that you’ve got your custom message, need help putting it out there? See below.


If your agency needs media placement assistance, we can help! Our experienced team will assess your needs, then work with you to get your message in front of the right audience, reaching your targeted customers with pinpoint accuracy.  Services of this type will require a FREE 30-60 minutes consultation to review past marketing efforts, determine a budget and set attainable goals.  Media placement services will be quoted individually and are not part of the independent agent package.


OnePlace Media is very excited to bring this new opportunity to independent agents and the many customers who need their help. We’re also looking forward to completion of a campaign for personal lines, and always welcome input from agents as to specific business categories which need additional marketing materials.

If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the request form below. You can also email us at OR call 833-32-MEDIA (833-326-3342). We wish you the best during these uncertain times.


We’ve reduced the price to make this package affordable for everyone!


Includes two :30 Commercials, four :15 Videos (TV or Social), four :06 Videos (Social or Youtube), one: 60 Radio Commercial, nine Web Banners and five Facebook Ads.


:30 Commercials $900/ea
:15 video $700/ea
:06 Three for $900
Radio :60  $400
Banner ads (3 sets of 3) $800
Facebook ads $400/set


*Based on OnePlace Media receiving all logos and agency materials in a usable format. Any additional artwork quoted separately.

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