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OnePlace Media created this educational video to accompany our traditional TV and radio commercials for our longstanding client. After Pocono Medical Center merged with Lehigh Valley health Network, OnePlace was asked to showcase the EXCLUSIVE services that Pocono residents can only find at the new LVHN Pocono. This video was the result, a combination of information and celebration of the excellent service only LVHN can provide. The video was very well received.

Integrity, Commitment, Results

OnePlace is an agency featuring Madison Avenue services and Main Street sensibility.

OnePlace Media (OPM) started out nearly 20 years ago as a creative/production company. Having worked extensively with local cable, radio and broadcast TV outlets, we saw a glaring need to “take it up a notch - or 10” in providing quality production at a reasonable cost.

Advertisers who wanted to stand out in their market were referred to OPM, often by the very salespeople who worked for the same media outlets. Why?  Because they knew that image mattered, and customer perception must work hand-in-hand with media strategy for long-term success.

After a time, clients and agencies out of market began calling on OPM for Standout Design and Production, but they wanted even more. That’s when we decided to put the same level of creativity into the not-so-creative (but just as crucial) parts of advertising.

We assembled a team of strategists and media planners who brought to the table decades of national experience and a working knowledge of the Top Research Software in the country. And, oh yeah, they were all fierce negotiators.

As the media landscape changed, we added more team members from across America who were experts in their respective fields. Because of our experience working in and for boutique, mid-sized and even larger ad agencies over the years, we realized that there are a lot of very talented people out there in every aspect of marketing— but they aren’t always in the same place—and they certainly aren’t all gathered in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

We found that in this business, most smaller companies or single-person shops have a niche—one area in which they excel. Often, these companies perform for their clients at a high level, but at a much lower cost than their larger metropolitan counterparts. It occurred to us that by assembling some of these experts—regardless of their geography—we could service all of our clients’ needs while avoiding the massive overhead often associated with larger metropolitan based agencies.

The bottom line: OnePlace is an agency featuring Madison Avenue services and Main Street sensibility. In other words, you don’t have to settle, regardless of your budget. Let us help you develop the message and method of delivery that will enhance your image and increase your market share.

One call. One team. OnePlace.

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